Who Am I?

Every day we need to declare who we are in Christ.
This helps to destroy the lies we have absorbed from our past experiences. Saying these affirmations out loud is ideal because verbalizing who you are is even more powerful than just thinking about it. It is likely that what you believe about yourself has been based on things you heard or said and the best way to combat the negative garbage is with the truth of what scripture says about you.

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I Will Not Be Shaken

I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.   Psalms 16:8 Life can lead us down some very rough roads and it's in our nature to compensate with things that make us forget the pain:  drugs, alcohol, sex, work, fitness, busyness,...

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Addiction can cause our lives to be full of contradiction... We know we have behaviors that are destroying us, but  we don’t know any other way to live. Letting instant gratification control us and then justifying our behaviors is a kind of...

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Tools for 12 Step Recovery Programs
Brighter12 helps encourage individuals who are going through the processes of recovery with daily devotionals, journaling, reflection, in-depth personal inventory activities, and creating action plans to move forward in life.

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