Cindy Lou

Bloggist • Encourager • Overcomer

Professional: I have over 30 years of experiences as an Information Technology professional with a Project Management certification. My background contains a mix of corporate life and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Personal: I am the mother of 2 talented young men.

More personal:  Like many professionals, I was a highly functional alcoholic for many years. I successfully ‘hid it’ but eventually my comfortable life began to crumble. I found freedom from my addictive lifestyle and now enjoy over 6 years of sobriety. I have learned a lot along the way and through Brighter12, I will share a brighter freedom that is available to everyone.

It is my heart’s desire to give back to the Lord for the great gift of sobriety that I have been given. Brighter12 is my way of encouraging others as they journey through recovery of all kinds.

The Approach

I hope to share the healing we can find through a walk with Jesus Christ.

Each Brighter12 blog post will contain a short insight for recovery and encouragement based on the bible. There may also be a song of praise to go along with the writings as well as a simple declaration that can be used to pull the thoughts together and personalize the day’s thoughts.


Note: the blog area is still under construction.

Tools for 12 Step Recovery Programs
Brighter12 helps encourage individuals who are going through the processes of recovery with daily devotionals, journaling, reflection, in-depth personal inventory activities, and creating action plans to move forward in life.

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