Meet the Bloggist


Cindy Lou

Bloggist • Encourager • Overcomer

Professional: I have over 30 years of experiences as an Information Technology professional and have Project Management Professional certification. My background contains a mix of corporate life and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Personal: I am the mother of 2 talented young men.

More personal: I was a highly functional alcoholic for many years. I successfully hid it from my church friends and business associates but not from myself or God. Eventually my life came crashing down but by surrendering it all to Jesus Christ, I found freedom from my addictive lifestyle.

It is my heart's desire to give back to the Lord for the great gift of sobriety that I have been given. Brighter12 is my way of encouraging others as they journey through recovery of all kinds.

What the Word SeesWhat I know Is True
AlcoholicI am an overcomer with more than 6 years sober!
FailureRenewed and restored
AbusedSet Free
DivorcedLoved by the one true King
Broke and in debtBlessed beyond measure

The Approach

I hope to share God's healing through the truths we find in the bible. His Holy Spirit can fill you with strength, joy and hope as you overcome your brokenness.

Each Brighter12 blog post will contain a short insight for recovery and encouragement based on a particular bible verse. There will usually be a song of praise or worship that will go along with the writings as well as a simple declaration that can be used to pull the thoughts together that will personalize the day's teaching.

The Short Story

I originally started Brighter12 with the idea that I would storm the world of recovery with some great new tools.  Unfortunately, my efforts failed and I ended up in a situation of deep despair. I stayed sober and seeking the Lord through it all and I am now ready to get back in the game and help by taking an easier approach where I will just be your friend and share the joy of Christ with you on your journey.