Can anything good come from Nazareth? YES.

An Online 12 Step Companion! is a place where the power faith in Jesus Christ is applied to working a 12 Step program.

We will help prompt individuals through processes that help define issues and take action to move forward in life.

What It Is:

  • It is encouragement and thought provoking help.
  • It is tools and ideas to help you through recovery and life beyond.
  • It is out of the ordinary worksheets and blog posts for you experience recovery in a much deeper way.
  • It is healing for your soul as you heal your brokenness.
  • It is an opportunity to build your faith and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

What It Isn’t:

  • NOT a substitute for meetings or sponsors.
  • NOT a program for emergency or acute help.
  • NOT an alternative for getting professional help if you need it.
  • NOT affiliated with any 12 Step fellowship group.

Who is it for?

  • Those who are seeking freedom from addictions and compulsions.
  • People who have been hurt through involvement in abusive relationships.
  • People who recognize their behavior is abusive to others.
  • People who are struggling with depression, anxiety, guilt, resentments,  and shame.
  • People who want substantial Christ-centered studies compatible with a 12 Step program.