I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.  

Psalms 16:8

Life can lead us down some very rough roads and it’s in our nature to compensate with things that make us forget the pain:  drugs, alcohol, sex, work, fitness, busyness, shopping, food etc.

These things take our eye off the problem for a while but ultimately create new problems. If I have a rough road to travel, I need to stay on course otherwise I’ll be stuck in a ditch and even be in the way of others.

Rough spots are a fork in the road with hard choices:

  1. The easy road where I take comfort in the things that lead me astray.
  2. The harder path: I stay focused on the destination. I take comfort in knowing that the Lord will not only guide me but use the experience to strengthen me in a new way.

I can’t say it is easy. It’s not… it IS a rough road. But when I choose to let Jesus walk at my side, I have a great teacher and counselor to trek with.

We have a spiritual enemy, Satan, who wants to keep our eyes off Jesus. His goal is to distract us with desires, false belief systems and activities that will weaken our relationship with the Lord. To win this kind of battle we have to be aware hat every temptation is an attack against our spiritual well being.

ispeak Fear will not shake my world because I am focused on the truth.

iheart Teach me, Lord, to keep my sights on you alone and remind me that fear is an indicator I am straying from the road you have for me.


A Song for the Road

We Will Not Be Shaken

Bethel Music

For we trust in our God

And through His unfailing love

We will not be shaken,

We will not be shaken,

We will not be shaken



Though the battle rages

We will stand in the fight

Though the armies rise up against us on all sides

We will not be shaken

We will not be shaken

We will not be shaken

For in the hour of our darkest day

We will not tremble, we won’t be afraid

Hope is rising like the light of dawn

Our God is for us He has overcome

All those against Him will fall

For our God is stronger

He can do all things

No higher name we can call

For Jesus is greater

We can do all things